I've been watching the Flash ever since it came out.  It always made me look on the positive side and I don't think many people have watched it as many times as I have. Hope you guys like my blog and please subscribe.

On the first episode, I became in love with it. It was kind of sad because he got hit by lightning and was in a coma for 9 months. I thought it was kind of weird that Barry got abs from lightning. Did you think that it was cool when he ran in to the police car windows and did not bleed? Please subscribe.

​In a Flash NOW!!​​

On the second episode, I got angry when Catlion yelled at Barry and was disrestpectful. Also, Joe was wrong Barry is a true HERO. I think Iris and Barry are perfect for each other. Danton Black was a horrible person and he killed him self for nothing. And what Barry said to Joe made me cry. and I have faith in him to help his Dad. Thanks for looking at my blog!